CAMPAIGN UPDATE - Promo Items and Commercials

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: As promised, we are purchasing more of the hot-ticket items for both the Recycle Guys and RE3.org campaigns. The bid has been awarded for the Recycle Guys temporary tattoo, bumper sticker, pencil and the RE3.org bottle opener keychain and t-shirts. We look forward to receiving these items in 2007.

COMMERCIALS: We have submitted a contract to run both the Recycle Guys and RE3.org commercials on Time Warner Cable in 2007. The Recycle Guys commercials will run from around January 15-March 1, 2007. The RE3.org commercials will air around July 1-August 15, 2007. For both campaigns, Time Warner is providing us two free co-branding projects also. Check back soon for more details.

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