NETWORKING – My Date with Drew

Have you seen the movie “My Date with Drew?” It is a cute, fun movie about a guy that tries to get a date with Drew Barrymore. It is also a great example of social networking, 6-degrees of separation and the use of connectors.

Here is the summary from IMDB.
Brian Herzlinger's quest for a date with childhood crush Drew Barrymore is, appropriately enough, a great date movie. It's funny, inspiring and very sweet. The fact that this was shot on a miniscule budget is part of its charm, but it doesn't play as cheaply made. In fact, it's more polished and fast-paced than many other modern documentaries. And Herzlinger is a winning presence. He knows how outrageous his mission is, but he attacks it with an admirable can-do zeal. This movie will have special resonance with movie geeks, especially those who grew up around the same time as Herzlinger. But dreamers from all walks of life are certain to enjoy it. You'll understand why it's won audience-favorite awards at film festivals. Highly recommended!

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