RE3.org Testimonials

“We give RE3.org t-shirts out at skateboarding competitions and still see kids wearing the shirts around town instead of balling them up in a drawer somewhere.”
- Lisa, Keep Onslow Beautiful, NC

“Your RE3.org flicks are great and they target a generation that is sometimes hard to reach. Mr. Mutton Chops is my favorite and it’s perfect to stream through college dorm TV - especially dorms equipped with trash shoots. Thanks so much for making the world of recycling sexy again!”
- Jessica, Chittenden Solid Waste District

“I staff a recycling information booth at all our local special events. One street fair while I was chillin’ at the RE3.org booth, three young guys ran past my booth, shoving each other, leaping over traffic cones yelling ‘I'm going to recycle that bottle’ – ‘No I'm gonna recycle it.’ It was an impromptu re-enactment, no doubt for my sole benefit, of one of the RE3.org ads that had been running on cable stations that summer.”
- Muriel, Orange County, NC

“I have noticed that pre-teen boys love the RE3.org skateboard poster and the Find a Bin poster. The bottle openers are extremely popular too. I always run out of those first at any event I table.”

- Mary, Kernersville, NC

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