VIDEO OF THE WEEK – A new video from Free Range Studios

Below is a summary from the FrogLoop blog about Free Range's latest movement, the Mouth Revolution.

It’s a five-minute video packed to the cheeks with delicious Mouthist propaganda. If you've noticed your chops acting insolent lately, the mini mockumentary will offer some amusing explanations for your troubles. Afficionados of wacky humor and healthy eating will sympathize with upside-down mouths proclaiming a new "Mouthifesto" in multinational accents, demolishing American fast food icons (with their teeth, of course), and marching on the White House to change America's eating habits. Sound appetizing? Strap a little beret on your chin and join "Mouth-hatma Ghandi" and "Mouth-colm X" in their jubilant cries of "Power to the pie holes!"

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