ARTICLE - Corporate America Embraces Green Practices

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., May 3, 2007 -- By early 2009, but perhaps in less than a year, the American business community will have reached a tipping point in sustainable practices, according to a study by Siemens and McGraw-Hill Construction. At that point, more than 80 percent of companies will have opted for sustainable materials in at least 16 percent of their building stock. . . .

The report found that by early 2009, but perhaps sooner, American businesses will have reached a tipping point in embracing green as a cornerstone of their corporate philosophy. . . .

Rising energy costs were identified as a fundamental driver of green building in corporate America, with an overwhelming 75 percent of participants listing that trend as a major motivator. Haeberle concurs, "These results show us that the market can only grow for more efficient, clean-energy technologies, particularly as they relate to building design and operation."

Among the other notable findings in the "Greening of Corporate America" report:
- Government and internal management are strong drivers of green activities.
- Risk concerns are no longer the primary reason for a company to move toward sustainable practices.
- 60 percent of CFOs see the market differentiation that sustainability activities and green building can provide their companies, with over half of other respondents seeing this same benefit.
- 63 percent of CEOs recognize the financial benefits of green building, and 67 percent of them see a specific operating cost benefit from green.
- 57 percent of respondents think green fosters innovation within their companies.

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