Recycling on the Go – Part 2

Paula, thanks for sending in this poem about “recycling on the go”.

When you get it “to-go”
To where does it go.
When you’re done with your burgers and fries?
‘Cause when the food is all gone
Those wrappers live on
With the boxes from your hot apple pies.

In some landfills they’ll dwell
With some cups used to sell
Some soft drinks and soup and some beer.
But all of this trash
Will soon come to pass
As a big problem for all of us here.

Because, even though.
It was labeled “to-go”
The trash stays within our own space.
And our home on this orb
Cannot possibly absorb
The tons upon tons of our waste.

So it just may be best
If “to-go” could be less
In how much stuff we all throw away.
And it would really be great
If after we ate
We would consider beyond just today.

And we’ll still get it “to-go”
Because life on the go
Requires lifestyle conducive to pace.
But if we all are aware
Of “to-go” going where.
Our Earth can be a much better place!

By Stephanie Bernstein

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