Food Waste Blog has a good tactic

Food waste at colleges (or any all-you-can eat cafeteria) can reach upwards of one pound per person per meal.

Rutgers University dining services posted a sign asking students to take only what they’ll eat. But JP Kemmick, a graduating senior at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash., has done them one better:

He and other students created a program called “Are you Going to Eat That?” A group of students, including Kemmick, stood at the trash cans in the cafeteria, eating food off diners’ plates to point out how much they wasted.

While participating students are taking a bit of a health risk, that kind of in-your-face awareness will make students’ recognize their food waste. The same tactic could be used more safely to collect wasted food for to compost or feed animals.

Either way, a little guilt can be a powerful tool. And I love a group that targets food waste while their name reminds me of my practical, omnivorous grandpa.

*The RE3.org campaign tries not to use guilt messaging. I wonder how much is too much?

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