Ideas for reusing a newspaper

The News & Observer, Raleigh’s paper, needs roughly 700 miles of newsprint to produce the paper each day. Here are a dozen suggestions from one writer for finding second uses for yesterday's news.

1. Rip it up and feed it to your compost pile. The N&O is printed with water-based ink, which makes it safe for gardening.

2. Save the paper towels and use newspaper for such kitchen chores as gathering potato peels.

3. Ball up a few sheets to use for kitty toys.

4. Instead of paper towels, use newsprint to wipe the glass cleaner from your windows. It leaves less lint.

5. When some schmo uses eBay® to overpay for that junk you found in the crawlspace, skip the packing peanuts and use paper to protect those "treasures" during shipping.

6. Give your kids Monday's paper, some crayons, paint, scissors and glue and tell them to "make art."

7. Create seed pots for your garden with last week's N&O. After the seeds have sprouted, you can plant the whole thing.

8. Skip the lighter fluid and use newspaper to help light charcoal grills.

9. Decoupage a wall in your bathroom with pages from Life, etc. Stories with the byline "Matt Ehlers" generally make for fantastic break-time reading.

10. Use the Sunday comics to wrap birthday gifts for your bad children, and the weekday, black-and-white comics for the horrible ones. It's OK to use store-bought paper for children who clean their rooms.

11. Before putting that beer cooler away for the winter, toss in some wadded newspaper, which will help absorb odors.

12. Chuck the paper into the recycling bin. Sometimes it's hard to beat curbside collection.

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