It's your choice

Guest Blogger - Ellen
The impact you make on the earth is your own choice. You can choose to put some effort in to turn things around and start heading in the right direction. You can choose to educate yourself about the ways to decrease your footprint. Of course you can choose not to do these things too, but why?

Knowledge is an amazing thing. Allowing yourself to change for the better is an amazing thing. Respecting the earth that supports you is an amazing thing.
But, if you're feeling like these choices are too hard, perhaps you don't know where to start, or what you might be able to do as an individual, there are guideposts to help you on your journey. Need a simple hint of things you can do? Try checking out climatecounts.org.

Climate Counts has graded nearly all of your well-known national companies based on their climate impact. They are graded based on how well they have assessed their climate impact, the goals and actions they have put in place to reduce their impact, what climate policies they support and what public information they put out about their efforts.

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