Musicians and the Environment

Guest Blogger – Ellen

We all know that musicians are capable of reaching a huge audience. Music seems to be in our ears just about any place we like to have it, from the radio to our iPods, from XM Radio to MySpace to our cell phones to live concerts and show tours. With all of this influence on the masses, it's impressive to see some of the leaps musicians are taking to help make the world a beautiful place.

Reverb, a non-profit organization founded by Guster guitarist Adam Gardner and his wife Lauren Sullivan, is helping musicians go “green” on tour. Some of these environmentally-minded musicians include Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Barenaked Ladies.

Barenaked Ladies has even gone a few extra steps. Band members give old guitar strings to a New Hamshire jeweler to make recycled jewelry, they eat off biodegradable potato starch plates, they request local organic foods and use reusable beverage containers. Not to mention their biodiesel-fueled caravans and global warming opening slideshow. Wow!

till others (Dave Matthews and Willie Nelson) travel in biodiesel buses, while Coldplay helps offset its pollution by planting trees in third-world countries and Jack Johnson has an array of "green” touring practices.
These artists are generally paying out of pocket to help make their tours more environmentally friendly, helping to diminish the amount of styrofoam used or promote recycling of partially used batteries.

Perhaps Jack Johnson could post his 3-R's song, and we could all get down to a recycling jig, eh?

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