A week at the beach

I don’t normally write about personal stuff on this blog but I just need to vent.

I just came back from spending 5 days with my family at the beach. For some reason they don’t recycle. We have had lots of heated discussions about it.

Some feel we should just be able to burn everything in the backyard. Some think it is a ploy to increase government control.
At home they are able to get curbside recycling but don’t use it. Why? I can understand at the beach it was less convenient. We would have to take the recyclables to a drop-off site ourselves. But why not do that while we are out and about anyway?

Needless to say, after 5 days and 5 people staying at the cottage we had 2 full boxes of recyclables that I took back home with me to put in my curbside recycling bin. It was no trouble at all. Why can’t others see this?

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