You have the power to make change

Last week I gave a presentation to 300 Wal-Mart employees about small changes they could make to be more environmentally conscious.

Here were my main points:

Outside your home you can:

-Create a backyard wildlife habitat

-Compost food and yard waste

-Purchase recycled content products such as soaker hoses, fencing, chairs
-Make sure not to over fertilize
-Wash your car on the lawn, not in the driveway
-Install weather stripping

Inside your home you can:

-Purchase recycled content products such as office supplies, paper products, carpet
-Try not to run the water when you shave, brush your teeth or wash the dishes

-Use Energy Star appliances
-Turn the temperature of your water heater down and install a water heater cover
-Use plants and HVAC filters to clean the air

-Use non-toxic cleaning products

Thanks to the EcoSmart Consumer blog for lots of these ideas.

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