ARTICLE - Apple, Target, Facebook Tops for College Students

AdAge recently had another great article about college student’s likes and dislikes (Published: October 04, 2007, By Beth Snyder Bulik).

“They love Apple, shop at Target, use Facebook online and are split on whether they adore or despise the Geico cavemen. They wish they were better at sports, watch TV more often than surf the web and view a lot of YouTube videos, but generally don't create them.”

Part of this surprised me. Not that they shop at Target, but that they are not creating their own YouTube videos. So who has created all those videos? 100 people that work night and day on new content?

Another surprise was that social networking is twice as popular with young women as young men. According to the article this was a significant change from last year - - “MySpace, which was No. 1 last year, ranked No. 2 with females but dropped out of the top five for young men. That means marketers using social-networking sites to target young people are reaching far more females than males.”

So where does that leave RE3.org? Should we be spending less time on MySpace?

Other stats from the article:
For men: “Only 8% said they uploaded videos to YouTube. And in fact, 64% don't make videos at all while another 14% who do make them said they don't share them with anyone. While 75% surf social-networking sites and 71% read news online, only 14% said they wrote their own blogs.

Other than online habits, there were plenty of other disparities between the sexes. More than 71% of the young women recently read a book for pleasure vs. 55% of men, while more than 55% of men played video games alone vs. just 21% of women. . . . “

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