Viral Marketing Presentation at NAAEE

I had the privilege of speaking at this year’s National Association of Environmental Educators Conference in Virginia Beach. My topic was viral marketing and how we have used it with RE3.org. My presentation can be found online here.

I also created a handout with various viral marketing resources. Some are shown below.
RE3.org Viral Marketing Sites ·


MySpace - 107 million registered users
Facebook Group - 73 million registered users

Flikr - 4 million registered users
Del.icio.us - Lists RE3.org Internet bookmarks

RE3.org Support Sites
Google Analytics - Tracks hits on your blog

Google Alerts - Finds a word or phrase on the Internet and sends you an e-mail when the word is posted

Survey Monkey - Online tool to create and analyze surveys

Constant Contact - Online tool to create e-newsletters and manage contacts (bounce backs, vacation notices, etc.)


Craig’s list - Discussion forums

Virtual reality communities like Second Life
Prizm – My Best Segments - Allows you to get a quick overview of your demographic via a ZIP code

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