Environment and Games

I have posted before about how I would love to have a COOL on-line game about recycling and how it relates to jobs and energy conservation. I recently talked to someone at the North American Association of Environmental Educators conference about Web quests. This is an option but I was thinking of something a little more jazzy.

An October 18, 2007 article in AdAge had a headline titled “Serious Gaming Starts at 6, 'Critical' Age Group Plays 75% Longer, Migrates From Kid Systems.”

According to the article:
NPD Group's annual survey on children and video games, released this week, found that while older kids still dominate in time spent per week on gaming, the most significant spike in hours played occurs between the 2-to-5-year-old and 6-to-8-year-old groups. First-, second- and third-graders spend 75% more time than they used to on gaming, adding an average of three hours per week to their playing time.

"At 58%, personal computers have the highest percentage of personal use for gaming among kids age 2 to 17," NPD Group Director David Riley said. "Not only is the PC the most accessible, but because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, it tends to be less expensive for marketers than console and portable platforms."

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