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I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite social marketing blogs lately but I recently found some time to review past posts from the Getting Attention blog.

In a recent post Nancy summarizes a report put out by Trendwatching. Good news for environmental groups. Trends are emerging called “Eco Sphere” and “Eco-Iconic” where people want to support green initiatives. Yeah! Another post from October summarized a report called “2007 Digital Future” from the USC Annenburg School’s Center for the Digital Future. It described the different media habits of 12-24 year olds versus 25-54 year olds. Imagine this . . . a 12 year old will probably never use a land-line. They will rarely read a printed newspaper and don’t know what it is like ‘having’ to watch commercials during a TV program. This is why it is so important RE3.org keeps up with changing communication ideas.

Check out this video post on the Canadian online channel called iCAN about the Getting Attention blog and a few other social marketing blogs.

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