VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Have you read “The Wartville Wizard?”

Check out this recycling ad. It totally reminded me of the book “The Wartville Wizard” where all the trash that someone litters ends up sticking to them. This video has a recycling twist though. What did you think of the tag line “Before your bad habits catch up with you?” It also reminded me of the “Bottles” commercial that we created for RE3.org.


SEA northeastern said...


I'm a student at Northeastern University in Boston and a member of our environmental group. We are hosting a recycling initiative this semester and i was wondering if you could give us permission to show some of your commercials at our events. They are amazing by the way. You can contact me at sea.northeastern@gmail.com. Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work.

RE3.org said...

Most definitely!I will email you off line but feel free to show them where ever. We ask that organizations sign an MOU if another state agency or local government wanted to re-tag them and broadcast them.