New York City Ads about Recycling Mags

An article titled “Magazines Take Another Step in Green Direction” by Nat Ives on February 4, 2008 in Ad Age talks about a new effort from magazine publishers to go green.

The campaign is called ReMix which stands for Recycling Magazines is Excellent. Isn’t that cute? Publishers want to increase the 17% magazine recycling rate. It is nice to see the industry working to decrease their environmental impact, but printing all those magazines still uses lots of natural resources in the first place. The article says that the main problem is feeding newsstands with magazines. More magazines are printed and delivered than what is needed just to make sure the newsstand doesn’t run out. This evidently leads to better overall sales. At least 95% of these overruns get recycled.

According to the article: ”Barnes & Noble, for one, has begun specifically promoting magazines that use recycled paper, including Shape, Fast Company, Mother Jones, ReadyMade, Nickelodeon Magazine and Body & Soul. And an advocacy group, Co-op America, calculated that if the whole North American magazine business used just 30% post-consumer recycled paper, nearly 1.7 billion pounds of greenhouse gases would not be emitted into the atmosphere.

Certain marketers have also begun to exert pressure. Aveda, the Estée Lauder hair and cosmetics unit, changed up its magazine mix back in 2004, when it began advertising only in consumer titles that use at least 10% post-consumer recycled paper, a policy it still holds.”

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