EPA Announces New Web Site Targeting High School Students

The Environmental Protection Agency is pleased to announce a new Web site designed especially for High School students. Your Environment, Your Choice provides teens with the information they need to make environmentally sound choices about the products they use, the waste they create, and the environment in which they live. The Web site encourages teens to reduce, reuse and recycle, and become "environmental stewards" by conserving natural resources and saving energy. Useful and teen-friendly tips (e.g., carpool to school, athletic events and shopping to reduce energy consumption and save money) and a host of other resources--environmentally based games and quizzes and information on environmental careers--are included on the Web site to help teens think and act to reduce their environmental footprints.

I think this is a great message for teens. My only question is how will teens get here? Do they know this Web site exists? I would also be interested in knowing what the demographic thinks about the games on this site.

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