1. Time Warner Cable – We are currently in the process of contracting for $110,000 worth of Recycle Guys and RE3.org commercials on all Time Warner Interconnects: Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, Onslow, Morehead City and Pasquotank. The last three are new this year!

For every $1.00 we spend we get $2.00 in value. Electronics recycling commercials from the G4 channel will be tagged to RE3.org and shown for free. Time Warner will also conduct a commercial creation contest for us during the fall 2008 semester. This will be open to high school and college students in N.C.

2. Clear Channel Radio – Once again we will contract for streaming radio and gateway ads on all Clear Channel stations throughout N.C. at a cost of $10,000.





It will provide local government interview opportunities, monthly PSA spots and co-branding opportunities throughout the year with various Clear Channel events. We will also use its creative department to make some new radio ads.

3. Baseball Sponsorship – New this year, we will be coordinating three recycling events at minor league baseball stadiums.
- June 21, 2008 – Kinston Indians

- June 28, 2008 – Hickory Crawdads

- Augusts 2, 2008 – Asheville Tourists

They will also provide 5,000 ticket vouchers to be used as recycling incentives for local communities. This contract is also for about $10,000.

4. WKNC Radio – We are working with N.C. State to create new RE3.org radio commercials that will air this spring and fall on N.C. State’s campus radio station.

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