Last week I got an e-mail from Amy. See excerpt below:

“I was up late this week and found myself riveted to a PSA that was an animated piece about recycling (cell phone batteries, I think). What blew me away was that it was either done by or "in the style of" an artist named Sam Brown of explodingdog.com fame, whom I adore. Am I crazy, or did I really see it? I noted the re3.org tag at the end, and have been searching the Web obsessively for the ad. Please put me out of my misery - does it exist, and if so, WHERE may I go to view it?”

My first thought was COOL, someone actually saw our commercials and remembered the tag. You don’t get first hand info like that every day. I quickly e-mailed her the link to the commercials (http://www.gcycle.org/) to put her out of her misery. Unfortunately I don’t know if Sam Brown created them or not. The commercials were made by Earth 911 and the G4 channel. We just pay to broadcast them. Does anyone else know?


In This Style said...


they ARE exploding dogs. i was upset too when i first saw them...

RE3.org said...

Thank you for answering our question! Now we can sleep at night :)