Once again, DPPEA is streaming radio and RE3.org gateway ads (which are :15 second versions of the new RE3.org commercials) on Clear Channel stations throughout N.C. in June:
-Charlotte - WRFX 99.7

-Raleigh – WDCG, WRDU, WKSL formerly WRSN and WRVA
-Asheville - WKSF 99.9 and WQNS 104
-Greensboro - WGBT, WTQR, WMAG, WFKS formerly WFMX and WVBZ

DPPEA and WKNC (NC State's college radio station) created a number of new radio commercials for the RE3.org demographic. These commercials are available for use by local governments. If you would like to listen to the new radio commercials, go to our Music MySpace page. If you would like a CD with the commercials, please comment below.

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