NC Project Green

Guest Blogger - Rachel

NC Project Green is a program for NC governments – state agencies, cities, counties, universities and community colleges – that are interested in being more environmentally sustainable. Government employees across the state experience similar regulatory statutes and challenges, and share the extremely important role of providing services to the public. This positions government as a highly visible role model for the state’s citizens, businesses and industries, and provides an excellent opportunity to set the example, leading the way in environmental stewardship. NC Project Green is an opportunity to unify our efforts of sustainability in North Carolina state and local government. The NCPG Web site is http://www.ncprojectgreen.com. If you are a government employee in North Carolina and are interested, consider joining the listserv, designed to provide financial, administrative, and management assistance to individuals and organizations involved with implementing government sustainability practices. It’s also a great way to stay informed about meetings, workshops and events in your area.

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