Rollergirls and Recycling

Did you know roller derby is back? Well, it is in Raleigh.

I have been involved with the Carolina Rollergirls for a few years now and finally have a reason to blog about them here. If you don’t know the rules of roller derby go here. The gist is to get through the pack of skaters on the other team without getting knocked out of bounds. When you are going through the pack of girls to score points, you will sometimes hear the team yell “recycle.” They are not talking about bottles and cans, even though many rollergirls recycle. What they want to have happen when they yell “recycle” is the girls in the back of the pack to move to the front. Who knew the word was so versatile.

Make sure to check out your local rollergirl team and make sure to yell “Recycle” a lot. Graphic courtesy of CRG.

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