More on Faith and Environment

You may have heard that earlier this year the Vatican changed the list of sins to include “Polluting the environment by failing to recycle”. This wave of enthusiasm for the environment through religious organizations doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There is a Faith and Environment Journal and lots of other resources below. I would love to find a NC community willing to use RE3.org materials with churches in their community.

- Eco-Justice Ministries assists congregations in developing programs that address environmental issues, especially where they intersect with justice issues.

- The Regeneration Project has a program called Interfaith Power & Light that mobilizes congregations to respond to the challenges of global warming, starting with their own buildings.

- Here's a resource for more information about "greening congregations". They have resources including a tool kit for congregations that would like to become more environmentally sustainable, and a book on things congregations are doing to be active environmental stewards.

- The Evangelical Environmental Network developed the “What Would Jesus Drive”campaign a few years ago. They also publish a magazine called Creation Care.

- Faith in Place is an interfaith organization that organizes religious communities to fulfill what they see as the "two great responsibilities common to all faiths: to love one another and to care for Creation."

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