RE3.org Survey Results – Spring 2008

The data from four surveys conducted this spring at the NC Museum of Art, Orange County Earth Day, NC State and IBM has been compiled. The big picture results are below.

-The most common daily activities across all age groups was listening to/playing music and surfing the Internet. I hope we can use this info to better reach our audience. Any ideas?

-21% had seen the RE3.org logo before. This was great news. Last year only 9% recognized the graphic.

-59% had seen the Recycle Guys logo before. Not bad, could be better.

-RE3.org logo most often seen on Internet. To be expected – the demographic spends lots of time there and we have lots to offer online.

-Recycle Guys logo most often seen on TV. This has been the case for years since the Recycle Guys commercials began running on Time Warner Cable in 2000.

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