ARTICLE - "Precycle" new green buzzword

Yea for Precyclers, the best kind of trendsetters we could have.

According to a recent Brandweek Magazine article, New York’s market research and trend consulting firm The Intelligence Group has published information on a new trend: precycling.

Published within a recent issue of the company's Cassandra Report, officials stated that precycling is becoming more popular with individuals who want to do more than "just toss cans and bottles in the recycle bin and let waste management sort it out." According to the report, precyclers avoid products that create excessive waste, such as plastic water bottles and polyethylene shopping bags. For example, The Intelligence Group reported that, over the last six months, 45 percent of trendsetters and 14 percent of mainstream consumers lessened their purchases of bottled water, while 49 percent and 16 percent, respectively, diminished their use of plastic carryout bags during the same period.

Additionally, the report noted that precyclers look for ways to reduce or repurpose packaging, donate or resell electronic gadgets, plus they remove themselves from junk mail lists in hopes of lessening paper waste.

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