College Sustainability Report Card 2008

Guest blog post - Clare

The Sustainable Endowments Institute recently released their “College Sustainability Report Card” for 2008. Universities were graded on seven areas, including Climate Change and Energy, Food and Recycling, and Transportation. Three of the Triangle’s colleges (Duke University, North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill) were included in the profile. Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill both received grades above average, receiving a B+ and B- respectively, and improved their records from last year. NC State did not boast the same eco-friendly grades as the other Triangle schools, obtaining an overall D grade and failing in three of the seven areas. As a former student of UNC-Chapel Hill and current student of NC State, I can personally see discrepancies, most notably in transportation. What I wouldn’t give for a comprehensive transit system for both NC State and Raleigh (no offense, Wolfline, but you just don’t cut it). And I’m still waiting on my light rail ala Charlotte.

For more information on the Endowment Institute or the College Sustainability Report Card, visit http://www.endowmentinstitute.org.

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