NC Parks want to RECYCLE

(Recycling Bin Decal at Pullen Park)

Last week RE3.org met with state park representatives to discuss recycling. Parks face unique recycling issues. There are some unique issues with recycling at a park. Some of our parks can be pretty remote making recycling collection costly. However, most of our parks have some sort of recycling (at least for the employees). The issue comes when trying to collect the public’s recycling at the park. After brainstorming, we came up with the recommendation to put one recycling container at the visitor’s center. Hopefully park goers would save materials for this bin. The avid recyclers will, but maybe not the light recyclers. We then talked about educating the public about the recycling on site. The park staff came up with the idea of putting a recycling symbol on the trail map. Way to go! Any other ideas we should pass along?

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