NC State Young Punkts educate about recycling

This past semester I was fortunate enough to learn about and help educate a group of NC State graphic artists about recycling. They learned tons and came up with some great strategies for educating the public about recycling while in a grocery store.

My favorites:
1. Punkt Pals - The Punkt Pals Recycling Rewards is a program that encourages shoppers to be enthusiastic about recycling. When consumers buy a certain amount of items packaged in metal, glass or plastic, they win a Punkt Pal toy made of metal, glass or plastic, respectively. Shoppers, however, must first apply for a Punkt Pals Most Valuable Punkt card; this card keeps track of consumers' points.

2. Just the Facts – Darwin Campa
My solution is to use blank, solid white signs with black text. The contrast with the surrounding visual cacophony seems to be a successful method of calling attention to the signs. Text is restricted to a couple sentences per sign, and varying and unusual placement and sign size helps to make the facts more memorable.

3 Conveyance – Rachel Cannon
The idea is to create a relationship with the consumer as they purchased their groceries. Applying graphics onto the conveyor belt can emphasize that relationship.

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