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Clare, our intern, has been posting blogs right and left. Check some of them out below.

Paper That Self Erases After 24 Hours

Recycling is better than tossing a sheet of paper in the trash. Better yet is not printing anything in the first place. But sometimes for convenience sake (not to mention your vision) it’s easier to print out something you could otherwise read on the computer. This is where Xerox’s Self Erasing Paper concept is brilliant. Special ink disappears after 24 hours on the paper, and the paper is reusable again and again. Saves printing costs AND prevents waste. It’s still a concept, but I doubt the idea will disappear (ZING!).

Local Greeks Going Green

Organizations everywhere are stepping up and going green, including local fraternities and sororities. The Phi Gamma Delta, Epsilon Chapter of UNC-Chapel Hill has gone green - and beyond. Earlier this year the brothers of Phi Gam realized that not only would it be economically sound to cut energy costs, but also “goin’ green” would aid the environment AND foster a positive image for Greek life at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Phi Gam brothers have been doing a great job, but they understand the difficulties of trying to get people to change their behaviors: something we here at RE3.org try to tackle by using social marketing techniques (like this blog…so keep reading!).
Check out Phi Gam’s Web site dedicated entirely to their Green Campaign at http://tarheelgreen.com.

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