RECYCLING MYTH #1: There are no markets for recyclables.

In honor of America Recycles Day coming up on November 15, I am going to post a common recycling myth and response each day. Tell me your thoughts. Do you get these same questions? How do you respond?

Here is the National Recycling Coalition response:

- Demand for recycled materials has never been greater and, in many cases, exceeds the supply currently provided by the American public.

- Rapid industrial development, particularly in China and other Asian nations, has created a huge surge in demand for recyclables.

- Domestic and international markets exist for all materials collected in curbside recycling programs, as long as they meet basic quality standards. In fact, there is intense competition among users for many recycled materials.

- The recycling industry is comparable in size to the auto and truck manufacturing industry. It's a large industry that demands lots of raw materials.

- A recycled aluminum beverage can returns to the grocer's shelf as a new, filled can in as few as 60 days after collection, which tell us that the markets are functioning efficiently.

Statistical Sources for the following 10 blog posts came from NRC's Environmental Benefits Calculator, NRC's Recycling Economic Information Study, U.S. EPA, Steel Recycling Institute, American Forest & Paper Association, BioCycle Magazine, Resource Recycling Magazine, American Plastics Council, Glass Packaging Institute, Aluminum Association and WorldWatch Institute unless otherwise noted.

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