E-mail Tidbits 4 – GA’s special event recycling campaign

Excerpts from the Keep America Beautiful E-Newsletter

Keep Georgia Beautiful decided to create a new, state-wide grant program designed to target a largely untapped source of recyclable materials at special events. Public venues often generate large volumes of recyclable materials representing a missed opportunity to collect valuable commodities and to decrease the amount of material headed to the landfill. Keep Georgia Beautiful realized that communities needed an economical and flexible way to collect recyclable materials at athletic events, concerts, conferences, festivals and other community activities. In addition to capturing a significant amount of material, the program would help instill a recycling ethic in the public by raising their awareness and offering opportunities to recycle not just at home but when they are "away from home."

Leveraging its bulk buying power, KGB created a turnkey trailer filled with everything needed to collect recyclable materials at events. The kits include portable, reusable special event recycling containers, a custom-designed cart to transport the containers and bags, as well as guidance materials for special event planners including an instruction manual, volunteer training and safety information and a collection reporting sheet. These items are provided in a trailer emblazoned with innovative graphics from the state’s exciting new recycling awareness campaign.

Communities were able to choose from one of three designs all featuring people tattooed with a “Recycle 4 Georgia” logo. The recycling containers themselves are designed to minimize contamination and encourage attendees to recycle. Signage is provided for each bin with room for local information to be added. The carts allow easy distribution of the collapsible recycling containers throughout the event site and provide a rack to store the containers in the trailer when not in use. In addition to being eye-catching, the trailers are sized so that they can be pulled by a standard pick-up trailer hitch. In total, 35 trailers were distributed to large and small communities across the state; of those, 32 trailers were awarded to places with a Keep America Beautiful affiliate. Communities are also encouraged to lend their trailers to neighboring areas increasing the overall impact.

Curbside Value Partnership joined the statewide effort by providing advertising, graphic design and local government recycling promotional material support. In addition, the Coca-Cola Company donated $25,000 toward the purchase of trailers and collection containers.

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