New Green Shoes from Payless

Guest Blogger - Clare

I don’t own many “green” clothes or accessories. It’s not that I don’t want to eco-fashionable. Plainly speaking, I’m broke and typically “green” clothes are pricey. So when I read about Payless’s new “green” footwear line, I was excited and skeptical. Its Web site reports that the spring 2009 line will include products made from organic cottons and linen, natural hemp, recycled outsoles and the use of eco-smart packaging. They also will cost around $30 a pair. Not bad.

So why am I skeptical? First, what are Payless’s motives for this new “green” line? Is it really concerned about the effect its products have on the environment, or is it just hopping on the caboose of the “green” train before it completely leaves the consumer station? And how can they afford to offer these shoes so low-priced? Are they coming from China, where pollution is unchecked and a farther shipping distance to its customers? If so, how is this eco-friendly?

Read Payless’s statement here. What do you think?


Jolie said...

I am so excited to get those green eco-friendly shoes.

Roselyn said...

I am a nature lover and prefer to wear Eco-friendly shoes..! I am too very excited. Want to know more about Payless’s new “green” footwear line.