SOCIAL MARKETING TIP - Resources from Mike Newton Ward

1. Center for Disease Control e-Health Tools (which does include environmental topics)

2. On 12/15, NPR aired a story about making environmental changes, which highlighted the use of social marketing. While the story did not flesh out every concept of social marketing, it mentioned several concepts with broad strokes, and referred to several applications, including the Energy Star program. Listener comments about the story are pretty interesting. You can hear the story and read the transcript by going here.

3. The Pew Internet and American Life Project just published the results of its latest survey about the future of the Internet. Pew and North Carolina's own Elon University conducted the survey! A story in the Raleigh News and Observer states, "The survey... envisions amazing advances in mobile devices, virtual reality, voice and touch technology..." To read more about it, here are several links:

News & Observer Story

Pew Internet and American Life Project site

Pew and Elon University "Imagining the Internet" site

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