CAMPAIGN UPDATE 1 : Sponsorship Donations Sought

A new calendar year brings new recycling media buys for N.C. DPPEA. Previous public and private contributions to purchase joint media have lead to 60 to 70 percent brand recognition of the Recycle Guys throughout North Carolina and 20 percent brand recognition of RE3.org. This wouldn’t have happened without everyone working together.

When we surveyed North Carolina citizens about how they spend their free time, 80 percent watch TV or movies daily and the same amount listen to or play music daily. This information is used to decide which media to purchase to educate the state’s citizens about recycling. See the previous blog post for more details.

Simply put, the success of the outreach campaigns depends on partnerships – by pooling resources and working together, we can build effective outreach programs at an efficient cost. None of us could do something on the scale of the Recycle Guys and RE3.org campaigns alone. Through shared effort we can give your community valuable educational materials while providing a foundation of targeted advertising that “brands” recycling with the public in every community.

To make this effort as broad and far-reaching as possible, we are asking that you work with the N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance to sponsor the Recycle Guys and RE3.org state-wide recycling campaigns.

We know these are hard budget times. If you are unable to provide support this year we understand. The level of commitment by DPPEA is very high and we need to continue to educate our citizens about recycling to further participation. Please join us in this partnership if you can. Contact me at kelley.dennings@ncmail.net for more information.

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