How are we doing? Web Site Hits

RE3.org Web site:
There is a steady increase in visits per month. Do you think the media buys help? The months that are shaded a different color indicate when we ran various media schedules.
- May, June, July 2005 were TV commercials (orange)
- May, June, July 2006 were cinema ads (yellow)
- May, June 2007 were radio commercials (green)
- July, August 2007 were TV commercials (orange)
- The spike in September 2007 was due to an incentive program with Time Warner and MTV. People registered to win a trip to the MTV video music awards through our Web site.
- March 2008 were TV commercials (orange)
- May, June 2008 were radio ads (green)

Recycle Guys Web site:
The months in orange indicate when we ran television commercials on Time Warner Cable. The spikes in October are due to a recycling craft page that receives a lot of hits. We almost always have a spike in April around Earth Day.

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