NC Legislative Session 2009 – Recycling Bills

Guest Blogger - Scott

There are a number of recycling bills that have been introduced into the legislature this season. Here is a snip-it of a few.

H249, ABC Recycling Tax Credit
Provides partial income tax credit for ABC permit-holders who have costs of complying with recycling law.

H810, Reduce Plastic Bag Use
S1018, Reduce Plastic Bag Use
Prohibits retailer distribution of plastic bag unless it is reusable or compostable; paper bags allowed only if recyclable.

S641, Litter Reduction Act
Bottle deposit legislation.

H1288, Plastic Bags Recycling
Requires retailers with more than 10,000 ft. sq. in retail space to provide for recycling of plastic bags.

H1238, More Recycling at Large Events and Venues
Requires DENR, local governments and large venues/events to conduct and document waste generation, amount disposal and amount recycled.

H1100, Storm water Control BMPs for Compost/Mulch
Establishes stakeholder process for DWQ compost permitting.

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