RE3.org ring tone

Guest Blogger: Margaret Pennstrom

As technology advances and consumers follow the trends, the world of marketing is able to capitalize on these advancements. Currently 46 percent of the world population carries a cell phone. That’s 3.95 billion people worldwide! The mobile phone market now may be the best way to reach a large audience. Not only do people use their mobile phones for verbal communication, they also use them to text message, access the Internet, e-mail, snap photos, listen to music and watch videos.

A current popular trend with mobile phone users is personalized ringtones. A great addition to marketing, ringtones provide another outlet to reach a wider audience. A ringtone can be played by many and heard by many!

Here at RE3.org we encourage our audiences to spread the word of recycling and what’s an easier way than through your cell phone?
Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon! Get a cool ringtone for your cell phone. Now with the help of RE3.org you can download free hip ringtones related to recycling. To download a new tone just visit the RE3.org Web site and follow the link to the Media Mix page. There you will find a list of awesome tunes ready to make their way onto your cell!

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