Sears Suit

Guest Blogger – Michigan Mary

When we recycle a plastic bottle or newspaper we know that in most cases, it gets reprocessed into something else useful. Milk jugs often get made into benches, newspapers into paper towels and plastic bottles are now turned into business suits!

That’s right – business suits. Sears has recently introduced a new eco-conscious line of men’s wear that is made out of post consumer PET bottles. Each suit is made out of about 25 2-liter bottles and blends wool with the polyester to give a fashionable and comfortable option to those in the market for business apparel. The composition breakdown for the suit is 54 percent recycled polyester, 42 percent wool and 4 percent spandex.

One of the best perks of this suit is the ability to throw it in your home washer and dryer versus typical suits which require dry cleaning when they are soiled. The price for this fashionable style statement is $175 for the jacket and $75 for the pants which is a very competitive price point for professional attire.

The suits will be available in May of this year and will be launched in 500 Sears stores nationally. Check with your local retailer to see if this suit is available in your area.

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