Best Buy Offers Nationwide Electronics Recycling Program

Guest Blogger – Michigan Mary

Best Buy has recently expanded its recycling pilot program to include all of its stores nationally. A pilot recycling program which accepted electronic devices began last year in 117 stores in eight states across the nation. North Carolina was not included in the initial rollout.

This recycling program provides great opportunities for recycling in the triangle area and across the nation. The stores will accept up to two units per day, per household, which can be brought to any Best Buy store location. The stores will be able to accept almost all electronics including: televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, desktop and notebook computers, small electronics, VCRs, DVD players, phones, as well as accessories like keyboards, mice and remotes.

You will be charged a $10 recycling fee for all items that have screens; however Best Buy will automatically give these customers a $10 gift card to help defray the charge. At this time the store is unable to accept: televisions or monitors larger than 32 inches, console televisions; items that contain Freon, including air conditioners, dehumidifiers and mini refrigerators; microwaves; and large appliances.

Kudos to Best Buy for offering this fantastic program to households nationwide! It is providing a vital and needed service to households looking for viable options for their old electronics.

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