Recycling Bins everywhere

There were so many recycling bins in San Francisco they began to blend in. I immediately noticed them in the airport. Then we saw them everywhere on the street, like this one. I am not sure exactly how it works, since the top part looks like the recycling part but it is not large enough to hold stuff. This might just be a trash can with a reminder to recycle welded into the top of it.

A couple of things come to mind with this bin. First, we saw lots of street people digging through the trash for cans and wheeling their collection carts through the city. Second, I saw some signs near other recycling bins that said "Material separated at facility." So maybe they have a dirty MRF. Either way, it seemed to be getting the job done.

Then I visited our old intern, Dakota. The city of San Francisco not only uses carts for curbside recycling, it also has curbside cart collection for organics (the green cart). It was so cool!

As we drove up the CA coast we saw these recycling bins at its rest areas and the barrel recycling bins at Humbolt Redwoods State Park.

The one place we didn't have recycling was in our hotel. Keep it up CA. Recycle more!


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Reel Whore said...

Funny, I know someone who loves to take photos of recycling containers even when she's on vacation! You two must be peas in a pod. I bet you two would even fight over who gets to compost that pod!

BTW, those SF organic carts were a nifty idea.