New Plastic Bottle Disposal Ban Web Site

During the 2005 legislative session, the N.C. General Assembly passed House Bill 1465, banning plastic bottles from landfills. The ban specifically targets plastic bottles with a neck smaller than the body of the container and that accept a screw top, snap cap or other closure. This law does not apply to containers that are intended for use in the sale and distribution of motor oil.

Recycling reduces solid waste disposed of in a landfill and conserves energy and resources. Recycling also creates jobs; more than 14,000 people in North Carolina are employed in the recycling industry. Recycling plastic bottles is efficient. Bottles can be recycled back into plastic bottles, or can have a completely new life as a different product - such as carpet, lumber, other types of containers or even clothing. And in North Carolina we have a few plastic recycling plants hungry for material to make new products, so it is a great way to close the recycling loop!

At least 95 percent of North Carolina residents have access to some type of plastic bottle recycling through local government programs. Unfortunately, North Carolinians currently recycle only 18 percent of PET plastic bottles. Do your part - recycle plastic bottles - and explore this site to learn how!

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