RE3.org SURVEY QUESTIONS - Sporting Events

Please answer the questions below in the comment section. Which of the following describes your general reaction to this graphic: - I really like it
- It’s OK
- Don’t like it much
Is it attention-getting? - Very much - A little - Not at all Is it interesting? - Very much - A little - Not at all Is it direct/to the point? - Very much - A little - Not at all What about this graphic do you like? What about this graphic don’t you like?


Dodge This! said...

I don't like it. I read the text before I really absorbed the picture, and I thought it was going to be a message about not littering cigarette butts. As for the graphic, the colors are good, but I notice the players' legs more than their, uh, assets.

RE3.org said...

Thanks for your input. We will look at making some changes to it.

Anonymous said...

The text definitely adds to the poster - I just saw the survey and the image without text.

The butt thing doesn't work for me though.