Recycling Education on a Shoestring Budget – Co-branding

According to Wikipedia, co-branding involves two or more organizations acting in cooperation to associate logos, color schemes or brand identifiers to a specific product, service or behavior.

The object is to combine the strength of two brands and increase brand extension. Joint venture co-branding is defined as two or more organizations going for a strategic alliance to present an idea to the target audience.

Remember we need people to think often about recycling so that it will turn into behavior change. One way to do that is through co-branding. We need to all work together to brand recycling via the Recycle Guys and RE3.org. The more we use these, the better it is for everyone. Put the logos on Web sites, trucks, ads, brochures, stickers, etc.

We conducted surveys at three minor league baseball games last summer.
- 43 percent of respondents had seen the Recycle Guys before.
- 16 percent had seen RE3.org before.
At the Hickory baseball game (where they receive cable ads for both campaigns) 57 percent had seen the Recycle Guys’ logo.

At the 2008 State Fair we surveyed 1,089 people.
- 67 percent of those under 17 had seen the Recycle Guys before.
- 20 percent of those under 34 had seen RE3.org before.
This is the power of co-branding.

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