Plastic bottle ban follow up – outreach events

The outreach events that N.C. DPPEA conducted to raise awareness about the plastic bottle ban were three-fold.
- Main Street Plastic Bottle Events – In partnership with N.C. Main Street Communities, DPPEA conducted media events in North Wilkesboro, Albemarle, Clayton and Greensboro. All received media attention and educated passers-by. Other non-Main Street community events were also conducted in Kernersville, Morehead City, Boone and Cary.

- BANneD Tour Events – In partnership with local music venues throughout N.C., RE3.org’s street team toured with local musicians to educate audience members about the plastic bottle ban. Events were conducted in Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem and Asheville. These events will continue throughout the year.

- Smart Flash Mob – The final events that topped the cake were held on October 1 on N.C. State’s campus and on UNC’s campus. Hundreds of students participated in N.C. State’s Smart Flash mob. At the sound of a whistle everyone froze for four minutes with a plastic bottle in their hand. When the whistle blew again, everyone unfroze and continued walking. See the video below.

On UNC’s campus an a cappella group created a new landfill disposal ban song to the tune of “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks. It garnered lots of attention during the busy changing of classes. Song lyrics can be found here. See the video below.

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