Last minute green Educator gift ideas - Part 2

Guest Bloggers -
Beth Almy is the Educational Resources Coordinator at the Natural Science Center. She lives in Greensboro with her husband and three children. Jeanne also lives in Greensboro with her husband Tom and two children. She publishes The Green Samaritan, an eco-friendly blog. You can follow on Twitter @greensamaritan and become a fan on Facebook.

Farm Charm
Surprise your favorite teacher with a basket of fresh produce from your local farmers market. Include a sweet treat along with a set of recipe cards.

High Tech To-Go!
Data storage devices are great gifts that allow teachers to transport less paper back and forth between school and home. Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, but they are very affordable.

The Gift of Time
Share your time and talents with your child’s class. Give the teacher an hour off by teaching a special lesson while she enjoys a cup of coffee and her favorite book. If teaching is not your talent, offer to help her organize a project, clean the classroom or decorate a bulletin board. You can even bring her a home-cooked lunch to enjoy while you take the class to the cafeteria.

Gifts that Keep Giving
Donate to a teacher’s favorite charity, PTA or community organization in their honor. You can even gift a favorite book to the school or public library. Zoos and science centers also run programs where you can honor someone by providing enrichment toys and treats to the animals. The possibilities are endless and will be appreciated long past the holiday season.

That’s a Wrap
When wrapping homemade goods and gifts for anyone this holiday season, think re-usable. The variety of inexpensive totes, decorative containers and fabric gift bags is truly inspiring. Think outside the box…and the wrapping paper.

Faces of the Earth
Written by Beth herself, she was inspired by many of the animals she interacts with at the science center. Faces of the Earth highlights the unique qualities of the featured animals, encourages support of local zoos, museums and science centers as well as fosters greater awareness of wildlife worldwide. Having each student sign the book and adding a special note will make this a gift a teacher can treasure and share with classes to come. Available at the Thesaurus Gift Shop, all proceeds are donated back to the Natural Science Center.

Whatever you choose, think resourcefully so we can keep our holidays ever green.

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