Recycling Rocks

Live Nation, a live events company that focuses on promoting concerts and selling tickets, has a new contest titled “Recycling Rocks: The Ultimate Access Pass Sweepstakes.” When you enter the contest, you are prompted to answer two questions: how do you rock at recycling and what are some ideas for a new way to recycle at home. All you have to do is answer these questions and then you will be entered to win an all-access pass for yourself and a friend to attend Live Nation concerts in 2010. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

The “Recycling Rocks” Web site also features three recycling-themed sections. The “Recycle Like a Rockstar” section has all the low-down on what major acts are doing to green their tours. This includes artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, Green Day and Russell Simmons. Yes, hip-hop artists like to recycle too!

The second section features “Green Gear That Rocks.” It lists many cool, eco-friendly items that are perfect for any music fan. Who wouldn’t love a reusable tote bag made from their favorite band tee? Or maybe a bracelet made from Eric Clapton’s recycled guitar strings?

The last section, “Recycling Confessions,” lets the fans write in and tell the world how they are recycling and going green. Live Nation then spins off its answer and offers additional ways to go greener. For example, Carla L. from Charlotte uses her scratched records and CDs to make wind chimes and clocks. How could she go greener? Donate old corks to companies who can make them into flooring and wall tiles!

For more information or to enter the contest, check out www.livenation.com/recyclingrocks!

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Dodge This! said...

I really liked the Recycling Confessions session, but was curious that none came from Live Nation itself. This seems like a perfect opportunity for the promoter to talk about what it's doing to make its business more sustainable. Locally, I'd suggest LN start by increasing the number of recycling containers at Walnut Creek amphitheatre.