Training: Environmental Communication for Behavior Change – Online Course

Jan. 26 - March 7, 2010
Duke Environmental Leadership Program
Instructor: Brian Day, executive director of NAAEE

This course provides environmental professionals with a practical introduction to the strategies, methods and tools of environmental communication that effectively lead to changes in behavior. The field-based skills gained through this course will benefit all practicing environmental professionals faced with the challenge of changing behaviors.

Most often environmental professionals face problems and apply well-developed planning, management, engineering and scientific principles to address their problems. The premise of this course is that most environmental problems are caused by human behavior and have long-term implications. To address and create long-term solutions to these problems, behavior needs to change. The newly emerging field of environmental communication brings together a set of behavior change tools that can help with environmental enforcement, compliance with regulations and desired changes in behavior when no policy or law exists to force that behavior. Students will be exposed to the very fast growing set of resources - papers, publications, case studies, people and programs that offer assistance in addressing behavior change questions.

The course is six weeks in length and is taught in an entirely online, distance learning format. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.nicholas.duke.edu/del/continuinged/envcommspg.10.html, or e-mail del@nicholas.duke.edu.

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