America Recycles Day 2009 Wrap-Up

Guest Blogger – Clare

America Recycles Day happens every year on November 15. In 2009, many North Carolina local governments and environmentally-conscious groups held events specifically for ARD or included a recycling message in their events held around this day. Close to 1,000 (925 to be exact) North Carolinians pledged online or at an ARD event to recycle or buy recycled content items. Geographically, the makeup of pledges looked like the pie chart.

Most pledges (64 percent) came from the Triangle area. Seeing as how DPPEA had a pledge station at our booth inside the Green NC tent at the state fair in Raleigh, this is not surprising. But, I was surprised that only four percent of pledges came from the Charlotte area.

DPPEA also awarded recycled content prizes to five randomly selected North Carolinians who pledged and included their e-mail address. Here are this year’s winners!
-Carol L., Raleigh- Fire Pit winner
-Marion M., Waxhaw- Fire Pit winner
-Taylor H., Wilmington- School and Office Prize Pack winner
-Deanna P., Raleigh- Pet Bed winner
-Byron K., Wilmington, Lawn and Garden winner

Thanks to all those who participated in ARD 2009. And it’s never too early to start planning for ARD 2010!

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